Dinner By Dagny

Not just food, food with flavor

My Inspiration

You have probably figured out by now that my family is a big part of my life.  We not only cook together, but we play together and have fantastic adventures together.

I was born in Doylestown, PA but my parents moved us to St. Croix, USVI when I was about 4 years old.  Growing up on a Caribbean island is both all you would expect and nothing like you can imagine.  Yes, I spent most weekends at the beach, but no, I did not grow up wearing grass skirts, living in a hut or having my brother and father hunt for food.  These were real assumptions made by people when I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle in Brick,NJ when I was 12 years old and hurricane Hugo demolished my school.

Throughout my entire life I remember sitting down for dinner as a family and often times all of us cooking together.  Additionally, food is a big part of most west Indians get-togethers.  I was exposed to food from Puerto Rico to Trinidad, which has influences from Spain to India and Africa.  This was in addition to my mother’s Italian and my father’s Polish and Irish ancestry.  These experiences have made me and subsequently my family adventurous in eating and in life.

While I anxiously moved to Washington, DC for college and stayed around after having kids and getting married, I have continued to be close to my family.  They visit often, my kids spend several weeks a year in St. Croix and we plan regular family adventures (hang gliding, space camp, canoeing the Shenandoah or Alligator river).  Adventures to us are big and small.   To us, coffee pot cooking, is simple just another adventure.

Yes, I said coffee pot cooking.  My mother died in 2009 leaving my father behind at rather unhealthy weight close to 250 pounds.  Afthe spending time together after the funeral, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we started planning our next adventure…To space camp or beyond.  There is this great parent-child program at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.  We might have stretched the rules a little bit as we had me, my husband, our two kids, my father and my adult cousin.  The caveat for my dad is he had to lose a bunch of weight first.

After a standard conversation with my family (but probably pretty weird for everyone else), my father got inspired to start converting crockpot recipes for use in his coffee pot. This way he can munch on vegetables all day and have a tasty meal with 1 portion waiting for him at home.  Don’t worry, he researched all the safety issues before he started.  He also started to simle walk.

He lost more than 100 pounds!  And he has kept it off.  Coffee pot cooking is no longer a novelty but a part of  our life. 

Thanks for following me and seeing what this inspiration helps me create.

If you want to learn more about my father’s journey, visit him at coffeepotcooking.wordpress.com or  www.amazon.com/B007XJ6YXI .


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