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Chicken Parmesan

This week Ana asked to make chicken parmesan.  I took the easy way out and suggested we use already breaded chicken cutlets. I figured it would be easier for Ana to manage with those, given the risk of hot oil and multiple pans.  Although I did give her the option in the grocery store to get chicken breasts and carefully slice them in half.  She opted not to do it.


  • chicken cutlets (we had 12 cutlets for 5 people)
  • crushed tomatoes (2 28oz cans)
  • cheese (mozzarella, parmesan)
  • basil
  • oregano
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • adobo
  • spagetti
  • olive oil


Directions (Sauce)

1.  open crushed tomatoes

2.  pour in pot

3. heat sauce over medium heat

4. crush 4 garlic cloves into sauce


5.add basil & oregano (cup hand to measure)


6. heat & taste


Directions (Chicken)

1. open chicken

2. season chicken with adobo & pepper


3. cook chicken on olive oil (so it doesn’t stick) until golden brown (each side)


4. flip chicken


5. put in pan (do not stack)

6. add sauce & cheese (we mixed the parmesan and mozzarella together)




7. put in oven

8. broil 2-3 minutes


Directions (Pasta)

1. add water to pot

2. add olive oil

3. wait until boiling

4. add salt & pasta

5. stir pasta 3 minutes

6. wait 3 more minutes

7. drain & eat



We served it with a nice salad and good bread.  Ana did a really good job.  Everybody really enjoyed it and said she could make it again.  Ana was incredibly proud of herself (as she should be) and gave herself a round of applause.  She wouldn’t let me post that picture.


Grilled Romaine Salad

xMy kids have been gone for the last couple of weeks so the house has been quiet and my husband and I have found plenty to keep us busy.  Unfortunately this means I’m not getting to cook as often as I’d like.  The alternative of eating out almost every day does wear on you.

On a rare occasion during this period, I was home for lunch.  I was pretty bored of the lunch options and thought I would try something that I had been thinking about periodically.  I wanted to grill my salad.  While initially odd, there are all sorts of Food Network chefs preparing grilled caesar salads.  I figured it couldn’t be all bad.

The other factor in all of this is that our garden is turning out a great crop of tomatoes this season.  And with us not being home as often, and there only being two of us, we have an excess of tomatoes.


1/2 head romaine lettuce

olive oil

Parmesan cheese to taste

8-9 cherry tomatoes (these are hartman yellows)

salad dressing of your preference (I used a homemade roasted red pepper dressing that I made from the marinade of jarred roasted red pepers, olive oil, oregano, 1-2 crushed garlic cloves, Adobo and pepper)


1.  Preheat broiler

2.  Drizzle olive oil on cut side of romaine lettuce

3.  Broil lettuce until it starts to brown (~5 minutes)

4.  Remove lettuce from oven, layer with tomatoes (cut in halves), drizzle with dressing and sprinkle with cheese



I was happy to be at home that day, eating that lunch.

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