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Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Garlic Scapes

Our garden is a sad state of affairs this year, but my husband still managed to get his garlic  in the ground on time. This means that it is that time where I need to figure out what to do with the garlic scapes. Garlic scapes are the flowering part of the garlic plant, that if left on will sap all the strength from the plant and prevent your garlic bulbs from getting plump. In prior years, I have only thrown the scapes into pesto.

But yesterday I decided that my fresh brussel sprouts from the farmer’s market and the garlic scapes would make a nice side dish. I didn’t have a particular inspiration although I think I have seen them being used on Chopped.


  • pint of brussel sprouts
  • pint of garlic scapes
  • olive oil
  • splash of lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • pat of butter
  • Adobo & pepper to taste
  • finish salt


1. Clean brussel sprouts by removing outer leaves as needed

2. Cut brussel sprouts in half

3. Remove any brown fibrous pieces from garlic scapes


4. Heat olive oil up in frying pan over medium high heat

5. drop in brussel sprouts and garlic scapes

6. Season with Adobo & pepper


7. Let veggies brown, but stir so they don’t burn


8. Once nicely browned, splash with lemon juice

9. Add water and cover

10. Turn temperature to medium low

11. Let steam until veggies are tender (about 5-10 mins)

12. Remove cover, add wine and pat of butter

13. Continue cooking until sauce thickens


14. Sprinkle a bit of salt over all the veggies


My husband really liked this. My kids are a bit more finicky about brussel sprouts. My older daughter doesn’t really like them, but she did try a bit and say “it’s not bad.” The younger daughter loves brussel sprouts but only steamed. I showed the picture to a friend and they said I should add some shrimp next time. Sadly, there weren’t any leftovers. This was very disappointing to my husband when I was making today’s frittata with all the leftover goodies.



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