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Curry Fish with Onions and Peppers

I’m a big fan of reinventing leftovers.  I usually save pan drippings, gravy, and broth from soup (after straining any remaining vegetables or solid particles).  I can then reuse it for something else, whether it be to reinforce a flavor in another soup or to add later whenever a recipe calls for chicken, fish, etc stock.  I did this with the broth from the Asian Shrimp Noodle soup and the Caribbean Curry Chicken.

After my husband ate all the goodies out of the curry chicken, I knew just how I would use the curry sauce.  I had some white fish in the freezer that I knew I needed to use.  It’s been in there a while and so I don’t remember exactly what kind it is.  I knew that the curry sauce had great flavor and would work well with the fish.


1.75 pounds fish (whatever your preference is. I used a white fish, but I have also had this with Salmon)

1/2 onion (this was leftover in the refrigerator.  I would normally use a small onion or 1/2 larger onion)

1/2 each of red, green and orange peppers

~3 cups leftover curry sauce

Adobo and pepper to taste


1.  Defrost fish and soak in milk for a few hours (this is recommended for fish that has been previously frozen)

2.  Drain milk and place fish in a single layer in a casserole dish

3.  Layer with onions and peppers

4.  Season with Adobo and pepper

5.  Pour curry sauce over fish until the fish is covered

6.  Cover casserole dish with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

7.  Test fish for flakiness by sticking a fork in thickest part of meat and twisting.  The fish should flake.

I served over brown rice, but added a side salad as well as peas and carrots for vegetables.


My youngest daughter said this was great and got herself three servings.  My husband thought it was a little mild for his taste and my daughter added hot sauce, so I guess she agreed.


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