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A little something to keep me busy….

I’ve been talking to several different people about the prospects of DinnerbyDagny, a way for others to piggy back on what I have for dinner.  On top of that I think I’m long overdue to provide my friends with recipes for fan favorites like Caribbean curry chicken, chicken enchiladas, moroccan chicken and a few others.  I’ve created this blog site to at least start with the basics.

Usually, I’m all about the quick dinner meals during the week and more lengthy recipes on the weekend.  However, I’m currently taking some time off and now can experiment with new recipes and they can take as much time as I’m willing to sacrifice.  I tend to like easy recipes with bold flavors, but I have a good sense of what goes together so there is a fair amount of adding and swapping out ingredients as I see fit.

Some work, some don’t.


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One thought on “A little something to keep me busy….

  1. Talk about not working, I had mashed ripe breadfruit last night that I spiced with healthy, ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric etc. Came out like spicy soursop. Talk about disgusting, At least the ripe breadfruit was free as I picket it up by the side of the road. Now I know why I never was served ripe breadfruit before. Think I’ll stick with the fried green type.

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